Medicines, is it safe to buy them online

Medicines, is it safe to buy them online?

Many people find it convenient buy medicines and drugs online. In fact, as of July 10, 2015, Italian pharmacies and parapharmacies, in accordance with European Directive 2011/62/EU, have received theAuthorization for the online sale of non-prescription drugs, namely:

  • over-the-counter (or OTC) drugs, i.e., self-medication drugs that can be purchased directly by the patient without having to submit a prescription. These drugs can be used to treat minor and short-term ailments such as headaches, fever, and intestinal problems
  • non-prescription drugs (SOPs), which can be purchased without a prescription only on the advice of a pharmacist, but which cannot be advertised and displayed on the pharmacy counter (unlike over-the-counter drugs)

Many pharmacies that operate online

Today there are many pharmacies that operate online, authorized by the Ministry of Health and reporting to existing pharmacies in the territory, selling non-prescription drugs that can be purchased with extreme safety.

These legal online pharmacies can be recognized by the logo with the Italian flag and the link to the list of pharmacies authorized to sell online managed by the Ministry of Health.

These, which operate legally, guarantee the authenticity and traceability of the medicines that are purchased.

On online pharmacies you cannot buy prescription drugs, as these can only be used under medical supervision due to their effects and potential toxicity.

However, there are pharmacies that operate online and are not licensed, which often sell these types of drugs and medicines with a high health risk for those who buy them.

Many times these “fake pharmacies” resell medicines at bargain prices and you think you are getting a bargain by buying them.

In reality, behind “real drug” names may be fake or illegal medicines that do not contain the active ingredient, and therefore are not effective, or that contain uncontrolled, poor quality or toxic ingredients, which therefore can harm the health of those who buy them.