Cerveteri – Scientific research on Multiple Sclerosis, extraordinary result for the Gardenia del

Cerveteri – Multiple Sclerosis scientific research, outstanding achievement for AISM's Gardenia

In Cerveteri alone 6 boxes full of Gardenias sold and 1260.00 Euros raised in favor of scientific research on Multiple Sclerosis. These are the results that in the Cerite City alone on Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6, the initiative promoted by the AISM – National Association of Multiple Sclerosis. A great teamwork involved in the two days the volunteers of the AISM, the Cerveteri Solidarity Center coordinated by President Maria Giovanna Casertano and the IPV Association – Insieme per Vivere of Alberto D'Innocenzo.

"Multiple Sclerosis," said Valentina Castellani, area liaison for the Rome Provincial Section of AISM – affects women at a rate twice as high as men, which is why it is essential to support research and provide tools to respond to the problems of the condition. Funds raised from the sale of this year's Gardenia will be committed to research projects specifically targeting Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, informative conferences will be held dedicated to women and young people, couples and families, and initiatives to answer questions and problems that arise in the daily, social, health and work life of those living with multiple sclerosis. My thanks, on behalf of AISM, go to all the volunteers and everyone who contributed to our collection.".

"Despite the fact that the weather conditions were not the best," said Maria Giovanna Casertano, president of the Cerveteri Solidarity Center, "we managed to deliver all the Gardenias. Our Association is usually involved in food collection initiatives, but when we were invited to support the Gardenias sale we immediately accepted, offering all our availability for this very important initiative. I sincerely thank the Citizenship and all the businesses that with generosity and great sensitivity contributed to the collection.".