HIV, 95% of patients in Italy are well treated

HIV, 95% of patients in Italy are well treated

“Simit can play a key role in the fight against Hiv, it must give the rules of the game, say what science has been saying for several years already and on that data build diagnostic-therapeutic protocols to be applied within all regions’within all regions. Simit, must make its voice heard in an authoritative manner, conversing with institutions but pointing out what is the right way to maintain and improve the success achieved in the battle against HIV’Hiv”.

Thus Massimo Andreoni, scientific director of the ‘Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases’, asked by the agency Dire the conference ‘AIDS policies in Italy and their territorial application’ organized by the Ministry of Health in Rome.

Application to the ‘National AIDS Plan’

Keeping up the debate has been the fact that only 7 regions have implemented the ‘National AIDS Plan’ so even though “today we know that treatment makes it possible to stop transmitting the infection there&#8217s a strong risk of losing everything we have done so far for some region that remains behind permanently in the’implementation of the National Plan against HIV- warns Andreoni- The risk that there are different attitudes and different strategies for the care of HIV patients is a very big risk.

The Italian state ranks first in the world in terms of results, so much so that more than 95% of our patients are well cared for, to lose this would be a very serious fault, so we hope that all regions will comply with the National Plan against AIDS’Aids&#8221 as soon as possible;.