Exercise at home is good for you but beware of injuries

Exercise at home, it’s good for you but watch out for injuries

Keeping fit by exercising is definitely good for you. Thus, many decide to do exercise all’outdoors or at home, perhaps following tutorials scouted on the Internet or downloading specific apps to do so.

Exercise during the emergency

It is not wrong to exercise at home especially of these times when the Coronavirus emergency has forced so many gym owners to temporarily close their doors. Exercising at home is very good for you but You have to be careful about injuries that can sometimes occur.

To avoid them, the first thing to do is to perform the exercises in a space in your home that is adequate (and therefore large enough to perform the movements), where there is little furniture or potentially dangerous objects. Another fundamental rule is to Make a proper warm-up before starting.

In fact, without warming up it is very easy to incur strains, typical if the muscle is exercising when it is cold. Since people often do not have typical gym equipment at home, they sometimes think they can perform exercises with alternative objects (books, water bottles, chairs), but not all of them are particularly suitable.

Better to choose stable and heavy objects: for example, to do steps, better to avoid using a chair (which could be unstable and result in a probable ankle sprain) but prefer a step.

Care on’technical clothing

Even the clothing you use at home can cause injuries if it is not chosen well: people often think that by being at home, you can dress as you see fit (and that is okay) but sometimes, for example, you prefer to exercise barefoot.

Remaining only with socks, however, if the exercises are done on the floor, there is a serious risk of slipping and getting hurt. Finally, essential to choose tutorials from professionals who give good advice on how to proceed: in fact, overloading one’s body with so many exercises can be counterproductive and only lead to fatigue of one’s muscles.