Bracciano – Papilloma virus screening for residents

Bracciano – Papilloma virus screening for residents

It started in the second half of last December A new screening provided by the ASL ROMA F for residents in their area.

Following the experience established over many years for breast cancer, moreover, with excellent results in the regional area, and the launch since last summer of colorectal cancer screening, this time to be launched is the pilot investigation in the Bracciano District on the papilloma virus for the prevention of cervical (or cervical) cancer..

Cervical cancer even if it has a lesser impact in terms of mortality compared to both breast cancer and colorectal cancer involves a very challenging disease burden.

This is a cancer related to a viral infection (papillomavirus) against which there is a dual opportunity for prevention:

  • The vaccination, intended mainly for adolescent
  • The screening, intended for women between the ages of 25 and 64
  • The two approaches are not alternatives but must be integrated to achieve full control of the disease.

L‘RMF Company, which has already activated the anti-papilloma virus vaccination for years, is also activating screening according to the most up-to-date protocols that involve going beyond traditional pap test and the offering of the more modern and effective HPV test. In deference to current guidelines, the following scheme will be adopted:

  • Women aged 25 to 34 years. Pap test every 3 years
  • Women aged 35 to 64 years HPV testing every 5 years

Also in the case of the screening of cervical cancer the tests in use allow not only the identification of cancerous lesions but also of precancerous ones determining a true primary prevention intended to lower, together with vaccination, the incidence of this cancer.

Also for this screening there is an active and free pathway by the ASL that involves periodic invitation of all women residents (and of those domiciled who would like to participate voluntarily) to whom we will offer the most age-appropriate test according to the scheme already highlighted but also any in-depth diagnostics and interventions that may be necessary.

All the pathway is free of charge and in addition to following national and regional guidelines is constantly monitored by the Lazio Region to ensure the quality of the program itself.

Like all screening programs, this one too Is intended for healthy people, that is, having no signs and/or symptoms, of pathology, for the latter a traditional clinical evaluation is required.
Municipal registry offices provide lists of residents, domiciled people will be able to take advantage of the program by presenting themselves spontaneously.

The program , which was activated at the end of 2014 when the first invitations went out to women in district F3, will be progressively extended during 2015 to the rest of the company’s territory, and is to involve a total of about 90.000 women who will be offered the most appropriate test every 3-5 years.

This is clearly an organizational effort and extremely challenging assistance.

It’s foreseeable that, statistically, 5-6% of people will be called back for further investigation, particularly to perform a simple colposcopy (second level) and depending on the response of this examination, only in rare cases will it be necessary to opt for a surgical solution (third level).

All residents Will be invited with personalized letter to which an information brochure is attached. A toll-free number , 800539762, with two lines is available from 9 a.m.00 to 13.00 Monday through Friday for any kind of information and assistance (including any appointment changes).

People who do not respond to the first invitation will be forwarded to A reminder and can also be contacted by phone.