Lazio Region-Health, the junta appoints Vincenzo Panella as DG of the Health Directorate.

Lazio Region – Health, junta appoints Vincenzo Panella DG of Health Directorate”

"Yesterday the Regional Council deliberated the appointment of Vincenzo Panella as the new Director General of the newly created Lazio Health and Social Policy Directorate. The former DG of Asl Roma D will be tasked with leading the two sectors of health and social work unified into a single directorate general on Sept. 17. It will go into service from tomorrow, Dec. 16.

Dr. Flori Degrassi former DG by decree of President Zingaretti was appointed Commissioner of ASL Roma B and implementing party for the start of the unification process with C that will lead to the establishment of the region's largest local health authority. She is to be thanked by President Zingaretti and the regional executive for the great, difficult and fruitful work she has done from 2013 to the present as director general of the regional structure 'Health and Social Health Integration'. The excellent work done in recent months was enshrined and underscored just today by the news that the Ministry of Health, for the first time, certified Lazio compliant with the essential levels of care, achieving in 2014 a score of 168 points well above the compliance threshold set at 160 points. This news along with the news about the halving of the deficit represents the crowning achievement of an important and incisive administrative action.".