First aid course together with the Italian Red Cross

First aid course together with the Italian Red Cross: starting on Sept. 25

To be able to cope with small domestic accidents, or to know the correct behaviors to adopt in case of health emergencies, prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles: these are just some of the objectives of the First Aid Course aimed at the population, organized by the Italian Red Cross, which has always been committed to organizing courses open to all.

At work, in the family, in daily life while playing sports or being in traffic: it can happen at any time that a person needs help, and our correct behavior while waiting for specialized help can be decisive in saving a life.

First aid course, starting with the Castelli Romani

The next course for the citizens of Ariccia, Genzano di Roma and Lanuvio, will begin on Oct. 25
September, at the CRI headquarters in Ariccia on Via Cicerone 1. The duration of the course is 10 theoretical lessons-
practices of 2 hours each: from 6 p.m.30 at 8 p.m.30 (for a total of 20 hours). To those who will attend
at least 16 hours will be issued a certificate of attendance.

The course has a cost of € 50.00 (vat included), including teaching materials. A
discount to blood donors in the area of Ariccia, Genzano and Lanuvio.

The course is divided into a theoretical part in which the basics of first aid are given, such as
correctly make an emergency call, the maneuvers and actions to take in case of
illness or an accident, how to properly medicate small wounds or burns.

The theoretical phase is complemented by a practical phase in which basic rescue maneuvers are taught,
To be carried out in case of cardiac and respiratory arrest. Maneuvers that are simple to learn, easy to
Apply, but able to change the lives of those who receive them.

Those interested can write to [email protected] by leaving your references (first name, last name, date
of birth, e-mail, phone number).

SCHEDULE of lessons

Sept. 25: Introduction to the course; first aid, the approach to the injured person, the respiratory system;

Sept. 28: respiratory arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation;

Oct. 2: The cardiovascular system and its diseases;

Oct. 5: Practical exercise in cardiopulmonary resuscitation;

Oct. 9: Shock, wounds, practical dressing exercise;

Oct. 16: Burns and frostbite, the skeletal system, practical exercise of makeshift immobilization;