Carpineto Colleferro – Area Plan Approved

Carpineto – Area Plan Approved

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, during the meeting of the Institutional Committee of the Mayors of the RM G6 Socio-Health District, an important programmatic agreement was approved that will give the Municipal Administrations of Artena, Carpineto Romano, Colleferro, Gavignano, Gorga, Labico, Montelanico, Segni and Valmontone the opportunity to continue to offer Socio-Health services to people in need in order to increasingly meet their needs.

The agreement for the associated management of Social Services, which replaces the previous program agreement, was approved in accordance with the provisions of the Lazio Region’s D.G.R. 136/2014 and 395/2014 and will allow the municipalities involved to collaborate with each other in a systemic perspective, continuing the work, which began a good 13 years ago, of building a network of services and interventions aimed at minors, families, the elderly, the disabled, migrants and all citizens in a condition of social fragility.

Thanks to this agreement, our District will be able to continue to access regional grants, through the Social Zone Plan, which currently meets the needs of about 500 people through the Integrated Home Care Service for the elderly, disabled and chronically ill, the Integrated Service for the Severely Disabled the Educational-Domestic Assistance Service for minors, Job Placements, the Social-Educational Day Center for the Disabled, and all other services designed with the Area Social Plan Measures and with the Ambito Territoriale Ottimale RM G (a total of 24 services and benefits, including those related to the Plan and financed with special D.G.R.).

The unanimous approval of the Convention for the Associated Management of Social Services is a great proof of the sensitivity shown by the Mayors of the District Municipalities, confirming the focus and interest that the citizens’ representatives have for the weakest social groups. Unfortunately, the generalized economic and social crisis is continuously increasing, and this agreement makes it possible to address this social emergency.

Once the City Councils, have approved the Convention, the District will start working on the signing of the Program Agreement with the Colleferro Health District, in order to achieve full and accomplished socio-health integration and the establishment of a consortium body for the management of territorial services and interventions.

This is an act of enormous importance – said Mayor Matteo Battisti in his speech – because it has a lofty goal, which is to further involve local communities in the tasks of guidance, planning and governance of territorial services, in other words, maintaining the centrality of local communities in the planning and management of social services. It also bodes well for the future collaboration of member agencies, again with a view to integrated management for the nine municipalities“.

For the Mayor of Colleferro, Pierluigi Sanna, “The agreement is an important achievement, living up to the territory we represent. However, one should not lose sight of the fact that the road ahead is very long and it will need the commitment of all communes. I thank my fellow mayors and especially Matteo Battisti who, as the lead municipality, bears the greatest responsibility.”