Oily hair, how to remedy it naturally

Oily hair, how to remedy it naturally

Who has i oily hair often tends to wash one’s hair every day: the shiny effect is really annoying and one never has flowing, frothy hair. Far from it, unfortunately. Shiny hair is rightfully among the most unbearable and annoying imperfections to combat.

Get rid of greasy hair

On the market, there are, of course, products that can help you get rid of these kinds of issues. However, with the passage of time, we can observe a decline in the performance of these products, which are passed off to us as “miraculous”.

There is no cream or conditioner that can work miracles. Sure, you can tame the problem, but eliminating fat from the hair altogether is a long and arduous journey.

Those who suffer from oily hair know for a fact that sebum production can reach starry levels. As we said before, products often work at first, but they achieve an opposite effect that should not be underestimated: the scalp becomes enriched with sebum and will produce a lot of it in the following months.

Grandma’s remedies involve lemon, vinegar, henna and some valuable advice

In this regard, we would like to present a grandmother’s remedy: folk wisdom always has a way to overcome certain problems.