How to combine taste and lightness

How to combine taste and lightness?

More and more often on social platforms you can peruse photos of wonderful dishes that make the needle on the scale go up just by looking at them. But now as we return from summer vacation, the urge is to get back in shape….How to combine this need with the satisfaction of the palate? Simple, making recipes that are tasty but “light” In this regard, today we talk with Dr.ssa Radice Luisa, a nutrition specialist who is passionate and enthusiastic about creating dietary yet tasty dishes

dr.ssa how this passion of hers was born?

So, it all stems as it often does from a need, the need of my patients to be able to follow a healthy and balanced diet but without giving up the pleasure of the palate.

In fact, in the common imagination it is thought that “dieting” means mortification of the palate..

With my light recipes that I post on Instagram as well as on Facebook and also on my Youtube channel, I try to show how instead all it takes is a minimum of imagination and even the most “diet” food can be transformed into an appetizing, satiating, beautiful but perfect dish for those who want to keep in shape.

But so dr.ssa you also use pasta and bread in your recipes?

Sure! It is unthinkable to completely “eliminate” these foods from the diet, sure, they should be measured, and they should be chosen whole, organic and of Italian origin, but it is unthinkable that they can be “excluded” from any dietary plan (of course we are talking in healthy subjects and who do not have problems of food allergies or other issues)

So she in her recipes does not exclude anything, and there is also room for dessert?

Yes, in my diets there is always some space for a food “gratification” (even sweet) and this is because for me the DIET is a dietary style to be adopted for life, so it cannot see the total exclusion of a gluttony, obviously it must be measured with great care and must be included in a HEALTHY dietary context , moreover I remind again that we cannot generalize because in some pathological conditions obviously we need to be more restrictive.

So if we search for her on the web we will find her light recipes from first course to dessert?

That’s right, you will find recipes uploaded on my Youtube channel (healthynutrition by Luisa Radice) where I show you how I make my dishes, with nutritional values so you can include them in your dietary pattern without “transgressing”

Perfect dr.ssa!! I will go and click on it right away then!

I thank you for your time and your attention to those who, like many, are looking for taste but want to keep in line!