Influenza peak still far away, forecast is for New Year’s Eve

Influenza peak still far off, forecast is for New Year’s Eve

L’flu this year’has moved up the stages by putting people to bed as of today about 500 thousand Italians.
An advance also derived from temperatures that fluctuate, at least in the capital, from 18 degrees falling abruptly even to 2/3 degrees.
An unhealthy temperature change has in fact sharply anticipated the’arrival of the peak of influenza;flu spike we will see near the New Year.

Influenza peak, from days available vaccines

As early as a few days ago, the LAzio region distributed nearly a million vaccines to curb the’flu epidemic that puts millions of Italians in bed every year. Clearly, the WHO&#8217s recommendation is to vaccinate first and foremost the weak subjects as children and the elderly, so much so that for some age groups there’s the possibility of free flu vaccine.
Indeed, recall that last year’s influenza virus’flu has caused about 2,000 more deaths than in 2015, an alarming figure and one that thanks to vaccination can be avoided or at least limit infection. Fortunately, this year&#8217s virus is much weaker than last year’s.

The expected peak in the New Year

The contagion these days is a kind of advance of the influenza strain that will affect Italy this’year. In fact, from research it appears that the peak is expected around New Year’s Day And that will force many Italians into bed.
Remember that these days colds are also creating several problems although in this case it is very useful to use over-the-counter medications such as Deltarinol, Vicks MediNait o NeoBorocillin in case of mild sore throat.
However, let&#8217s not underestimate the symptoms of influenza infection, which are generally as follows:

  • fatigue
  • muscle pain
  • cough
  • fever
  • inflamed throat
  • headaches

Beware of heaters

It is also worth mentioning that the Temperature swings and homes that are too warm help the proliferation of viruses, plus home temperatures are regulated by law to prevent the’increase in pollution related to the prolonged use of boilers.
Recall that cold weather is not actually one of the causes of influenza attack precisely because it is a virus and that the only way to avoid infection is to use the influenza vaccine.