May 18, national day dedicated to adolescents the initiatives of the AIED Naples

May 18, a national day dedicated to adolescents: the initiatives of the AIED Naples

Parents and children: an extraordinary bond, a complex relationship. The parent-child relationship is a central relationship in every adolescent’s life: intense, but often conflicting relationships.

May 18, l’Aied provides its venue for free meetings: an open-day in which, without reservation, both parents and children can have initial contact with experts to ask and get answers to doubts, concerns, difficulties, and also guidance on options for dealing with them. Taking into account “the uniqueness” of each person, the interviews will explore the daily aspects of the parent–child relationship and the possible conflicts that may arise from it. A place and time to ask for confrontation, to orient to new reflections, to receive support, accompaniment.

From the 10.00 to 13.00, there will be the free counter for parents, “space where they can voice their most frequent fears and desires:” “Fear of making mistakes,” “fear of bad company,” “fear of drugs, alcohol, violence,” ” of being too possessive,” “desire for confrontation with other parents,” “desire to give their children the correct coordinates to cope with life,” “building a good relationship,” “making example the educational method”.

From 2 p.m.00 to 17.00 will be activated the free desk for teenagers who, will be able to focus on how they experience their relationship with family, school environment, adult world, peer group, friends of the same and opposite sex, partner, body.