Rignano Flaminio – ASL RM 4, soon a new House of Health

Rignano Flaminio – ASL RM 4, soon a new House of Health

More positive news for public health in our territories: the Regional Council has approved in recent days a new funding for the construction with 850 thousand euros of a New House of Health in Rignano Flaminio in District 4.

The General Director Quintavalle already at the end of 2014 , in addition to the funding under the program agreement ex DGR 1054/2011, had requested with the mayors of the district an additional amount to reach the completion of a structure already partially built in Rignano Flaminio to be allocated to General Outpatient Clinic at level II and to be specialized to Health House at level I.

The news of this new assignment is the result of a constructive teamwork between manager Quintavalle himself, Rignano Flaminio Mayor Fabio Di Lorenzi and Regional Health Service Cabin Director Alessio D’Amato.

The’property in question is a public building, originally intended as an outpatient clinic, but never completed.
Established in 1996 under the “National Health Investment Program in the Lazio Region” , it was designed by the then ASL Roma F, to meet the demand for health care in the 17 municipalities of District 4, inadequately served by the’only district outpatient clinic in Capena.

The completion and opening of a new House of Health in Rignano Flaminio represents a’fundamental need for the area considering that the epidemiological picture is changing decisively, given the growing increase in chronic diseases that, unfortunately, do not find the right answer in traditional hospital centers.
The Health House, as a multipurpose facility oriented to the management of chronic diseases will be able to deliver the’set of primary care, ensure continuity of care and prevention activities, in an area that does not have a corporate hospital and in which care activities are widely dispersed throughout the territory.