Natural remedies against heartburn

Natural remedies against heartburn

Do you suffer from heartburn? This unpleasant sensation is one of the most common annoyances. The reasons why heartburn comes can be different: food that has been bad for us, stress, overdoing it with wine. Often, it is also aided by gastroesophageal reflux: in this case, acidic stomach acid makes us really sick.

Natural remedies against heartburn

Unfortunately, Heartburn may even last for days. There are many medicines on the market that can help, however we would like to offer you Grandma’s remedy. Natural remedies have many advantages, such as saving on the price of medicines and being able to approach a branch of medicine of our grandparents.

Among the most common ingredients to combat heartburn, we can find ginger. Yes, the classic food you find to eat at a Japanese restaurant. Ginger has many properties, including anti-inflammatory.

Ginger, mint, and aloe vera: here’s what will help you feel better

You can use ginger either in herbal tea form or by chewing it normally. Another very useful remedy for heartburn is the mint herbal tea. Mint also has positive properties for our body: moreover, it tastes really good.

In the herbalist shop, you might consider buying aloe vera. However, try not to resort to this substance often, because it has a laxative effect for a long time.

The last solution we would like to tell you about is one of the most famous, and our grandmothers always prepared it for us as children when we suffered from burning: canary. Basically, a lemon peel has to be boiled in a pot of water.

Some also put in a teaspoon of sugar, but it is at your discretion. Canary is one of the best remedies for getting rid of annoying burning, as well as being quick and easy to prepare.