Breast cancer, processed meats increase risk in women

Breast cancer, processed meats increase risk in women nearing menopause

I researchers from the’University of Glasgow Have been clear, I’m on sausages, bacon and sausage in general for mature women. From what they learned from their study, processed meats would be bad not only for your figure but also for your health by increasing your chances of breast cancer. A danger especially in women now close to menopause.
Lo study carried out in Great Britain examined the clinical picture of 260 thousand women and found that those who consumed 90 grams of meat a day (two slices of fried bacon or 3 sausages a week) were 20 percent more likely to develop BREAST CANCER compared to those who did not eat this type of processed meat.

Breast cancer, sausages increase chances

The interesting thing is that even Those who eat moderately processed meats such as bacon and sausage increases the risk of contracting the disease by 15 percent. The women who were visited and analyzed had reached menopause.

This study adds scientific evidence on the harms of processed meats and the link to cancers to research already done on the subject

explained Naveed Sattar, professor of metabolic medicine at the Scottish University.

The effects on breast cancer are deleterious, particularly for menopausal women. Believing in this association could decrease the population’s meat consumption and, as a result, lower the risk of breast cancer.

In total studies from the University of Glasgow also looked at previous studies arriving at
examine about 1.7 million women included 40 thousand women who had already contracted breast cancer.
At the end of the study, the’analysis found that women who habitually eat bagged meats a
close to menopause has 10 percent greater chance of caving breast cancer.
The research has been published, as Sportello dei diritti presdente Giovanni D’Agata,
in full on European Journal of Cancer and in a nutshell an invitation to change lifestyle and
Eating habits to women who abuse processed meats and sausages.